Exploring the city’s upgraded Calls for Service data led me to create a map of where armed and simple robberies are occurring in 2016. The end product is an interactive map of robberies by NOPD beat which can be accessed here.

The results are mostly what was expected with some surprise thrown in.

Seven of the top ten beats with the most robberies in 2016 are in the 8th District (downtown and the French Quarter) and another is a corridor spanning the Marigny, St Roch and Bywater.

Those findings largely make sense.

Three beats are very curious: 3T01 and 3T02 are neighboring beats in Gentilly that have 18 armed robberies between them. The other curious beat is 7D02 directly across from Lakefront Airport. Those three beats have seen more robberies than expected given their residential location, distance from downtown, and the lack of high numbers of robberies in neighboring beats.

More research would be needed to better understand why robberies are occurring more frequently in those areas and not elsewhere in the city.