The Mayor’s new security plan has prompted a lot of questions as to when and where New Orleans shootings tend to occur. This is by no means an exhaustive examination of the details of New Orleans shootings, but I wanted to provide a basic overview of the locations, days of the week and times of typical shootings.


Gun violence is concentrated, but in New Orleans that concentration is spread out. Below is a map of 2016 shootings in New Orleans (blue – nonfatal, red – fatal) which shows rather intense concentrations in the Seventh Ward/St Roch area, Central City and throughout New Orleans East. That’s a pretty wide swath of territory, but it’s certainly not the whole city.


Breaking the shootings down even further into a district level shows that the rise in gun violence over the past 7 months has been driven by shootings in the 5th District (Seventh Ward, St Roch, Ninth Ward) and 7th District (New Orleans East). Those two districts have accounted for 163 of the 324 shootings in the city since July 1 (50.3 percent).


Measuring when shootings occur is relatively simple thanks to the city’s wonderful open data program. I keep a log of every shooting including date and time, so I went back and calculated the hour of shooting for all 529 shootings since the start of 2016. hours

Exactly 25 percent of all shootings occurred between 8 and 11 PM over that span, and nearly half of all shootings (49.5 percent) occurred between 5 PM and midnight. The least violent time of day is typically between 4 AM and 10 AM as only 6.6 percent of all shootings occurred during that six hour window.

Finally, which day of the week is the most violent? It’s Monday by just a smidge. There were 84 shootings on Mondays from the start of 2016 through January 24 while Saturday and Sunday had 82 and 81

New Orleans as a whole has averaged 1.36 shootings per day from the start of 2016 to present, but there have been 1.5 shootings per day on Mondays over that span. In all, 47 percent of shootings occur on Saturday, Sunday or Monday.