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Lessons from Phoenix: How Manpower Impacts Murder Clearances

The National Archive of Criminal Justice Data has raw data freely available (you’ll need a login) to hundreds — thousands? — of studies and publications related to criminal justice. One of the studies that has caught my eye is the “Evaluation of the Phoenix, Arizona, Homicide Clearance Initiative, 2003-2005”.

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The Complexity of Murder Clearance Rates

NOPD Chief Michael Harrison went before the New Orleans City Council’s Criminal Justice Committee on Thursday to talk crime in the first few months of 2017. Per Harrison NOPD’s murder clearance rate is 31 percent so far in 2017 after clearing 41 percent of cases in 2016.

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On NOLA’s Murder Clearance Rate

NOPD’s murder clearance rate and potential trouble within the homicide division have been in the news lately. I’ve previously posted about New Orleans’ falling murder clearance rate but I wanted to revisit the subject in light of its importance.

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The Benefits of Fewer Burglar Alarms

The burglar alarm ordinance, passed nearly two years ago, is scheduled to finally go into effect on May 1st. As a refresher: people will receive a warning at their first alarm, a $75 fine at their second alarm, a $150 fine at their third and fourth alarms, and NOPD will stop responding after that. Continue reading “The Benefits of Fewer Burglar Alarms”

NOLA 1st Quarter Crime Review

The first three months of 2017 are in the books and it appears that overall Uniform Crime Report (UCR) Part I crime was up about 5.5 percent from the first quarter of 2016. As I’ve written several times before, Calls for Service works as a good (though imperfect) predictor of the city’s official UCR counts which won’t be released for several weeks. Continue reading “NOLA 1st Quarter Crime Review”

A Remarkable Slow Down in Armed Robberies

Armed robberies in New Orleans were up about eight percent in the first two months of 2017 relative to the first two months of 2016, but then they slowed down. To a remarkable degree.

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Perception vs Reality of Crime in NOLA

A November 2016 Pew article by John Gramlich showed how perceptions of crime tend to conflict with the reality of crime on a national level. Gramlich compared the percentage of people saying crime was rising to the reality of falling violent crime in America over the last two decades as shown in the below graphic.

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Murder Clearance Rates in NOLA

One of the effects of a smaller police force has been a sizable drop in the number of officers assigned to NOPD’s homicide unit. As I previously showed, NOPD had 41 sworn officers assigned to homicide in mid-2013 and has only 29 officers assigned there as of this month.

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A Quick Guide to Bourbon Street Crime Incidents

Crime on Bourbon Street is back in the news making this a perfect time to examine what types of Calls for Service originate there. To do this I took all 80,000 or so 2017 Calls for Service and identified those with an address on Bourbon Street. Note that this will miss incidents occurring just off Bourbon Street but it provides a good estimate of what goes on there.

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